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Orange Sunkist Shrimp

Orange Sunkist Shrimp
Orange Sunkist Shrimp
Orange Sunkist Shrimp
Orange Sunkist Shrimp
Orange Sunkist Shrimp
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    This is a fairly new color morph of the most common shrimp in the hobby, the Red Cherry shrimp. Like the Red Cherry Shrimp this is a prolific breeder and very easy to keep in a variety of water conditions. Despite being selectively bred and relatively new to the hobby it is a very hardy shrimp that is suited to both the beginner shrimp keeper as well as the experienced keeper looking for a versatile but colourful contrast to tanks already inhabited by Neocaridina.

    Originally a selectively bred in Germany this colour morph of the Red Cherry Shrimp has become very sought after in the hobby, often replacing the far more common Red Cherry. Like many of the colour morphs of Neocaridina heteropoda once the colour morph began to breed true it quickly found its way into the hobby.


    About as "plug and play" as shrimp breeding gets. They breed in most water conditions and do so frequently. Once Breeding age is reached a single sexed pair kept in stable water conditions without outside predation of the shrimp fry(babies) could realistically yield hundreds of shrimp within a years time given enough space and food. When purchasing these shrimp for breeding it is wise to purchase at least 8-10 at a time to guarantee at least a couple pairs, additionally 1 shrimp per 4 litres to start (but at least 8) is a good rule if frequent breeding is desired.


    Sexing is easy once these shrimp reach breeding age. Once the female approaches breeding age she will develop a saddle or she will be berried (once breeding age is reached they often are). Males are sometimes lighter in colour (but not always) and are slightly smaller. The size difference in males and females is less apparent than in Red Cherry Shrimp.

    Water paramaters

    Generally, almost any habitable tank will suit these shrimp. We have customers who keeps them with Cardinal Shrimp at a ph of 8.2 and about 28 degrees and very hard water. They are a versatile and hardy species who can be kept with minimal care. In sub-tropical and tropical areas it is possible to keep them in well established, naturally filtered ponds, provided the water doesn't exceed 30 degrees for extended periods.


    They are not picky eaters and will eat most shrimp and fish foods, blanched vegetables, algae pellets and other sinking food. They are also very efficient scavengers who will eat bio-film that accumulates on moss and other aquarium plants. If your tank is populated at a ratio of less than 2-3 shrimp per gallon and is moderately planted they often can go days or even weeks without additional food supplements, once they exceed 3 shrimp per gallon feeding should occur every other day (in very small amounts)

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