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Deltec Spares

Deltec Spares
Model: 88002000
Needle wheel aquabee 2000AS-07..
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Model: 2708300
This is a replacement Impeller for the Deltec impeller DCS 600 It is recommended every 6 months, or when required, your pumps are removed from the skimmer; having first drained the body of water to check and clean the impellor of debris...
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Model: 93040400
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Model: 28050000
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Model: 28015000
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Model: 153123042014
Deltec Impeller Ceramic Shaft..
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Model: 25083
Skimmer Pump DCS 600 The DCS 600 skimmer pump is an extremely quiet as well as vry effective pump thanks to their special bearing design coupled with precision polished ceramic shafts and bearings. They are known for their high air volumne at low energy consumption. The DCS 600 is suitable for: - AP..
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