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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Can I order Live Fish from the website?

A: Yes you can. We will pack your order once processed and it will leave us at 5pm in the evening via overnight courier. We will pack with heat packs when necessary with well oxygenated bags. The fish will be fine for 24 hours the way we pack them. Please note that we will not ship in the middle of winter when the weather is extremely cold. Orders will not be shipped on Friday for Live stock due to no weekend deliveries.

Q: How much is Shipping?

A: We charge a flat rate of €7 to anywhere in Ireland. Free shipping for orders over €150.

Q: How do I order?

A: You need to use the checkout from the website to process orders. All order need to be paid for before they are sent to us to prepare for packing.

Q: Tracking your order?

A: You will be sent a tracking number with a notification that your order has left us via email. If you are waiting for your order you can check online @ Fastway Couriers with your tracking number to see when your package will be arriving.

Q: Can I add to my order once I have finished?

A: Once you go through the check out, you will be authorizing Seahorse Aquariums to charge your credit card or other payment type. You will be unable to make further changes to your order. If you contact us at the shop by email or phone we can see if we can add to the order. This may be done without any shipping charges.

Q: When do Fish Arrive?

A: The availability of species is affected by many factors. If a species you are interested in is currently unavailable, sign up for our loyalty club and we will be in contact to let you know by txt or email of the new arrivals as they arrive. You will then be notified by email when the species is available for you.

Q: What parameters do you keep your water at?

A: The marine facility maintains a specific gravity of 1.018- 1.020 for fish and 1.023 - 1.025 for corals and inverts at a water temperature of 25 degrees Celsius. pH at an average of 8.1 – 8.3. Calcium in the coral systems are kept above 400ppm.

The Freshwater facility is kept from 25 degrees Celsius to 29 degrees depending on species. PH is also different depending on the species. Please ask what is the best PH for your freshwater species or check on the fish pages for details of the preferred PH for your fish Concentrate.

Q: What sort of quarantine procedure do you do on your fish?

A: Please see our quarantine section for full details on how we look after the fish before we sell them.

Q: The live rock I received does not look as colourful as the picture, why?

A: As its name suggests, live rock is "alive" with a countless variety of organisms ranging from microscopic plants, invertebrates and coralline algae. During transport some of these organisms are damaged. Proper curing and providing ideal growing conditions allow these organisms to recover and repopulate live rock. Established live rock develops bright-coloured coralline algae as well as many beneficial life forms.

Q: Do I get my warranty with electrical equipment purchased online?

A: Yes. Just keep your web order and this will be proof of purchase for the electrical item and we will honour all manufactures warranty’s. But if you are having a problem – call us and we might be able to help you to get the equipment working correctly.

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