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Foxface / Rabbit Fish

Foxface / Rabbit Fish
Model: VE101S
The Foxface Lo, also known as the Foxface Rabbitfish, has a very unique body color. It has a mottled yellow-brown body with a dark chest. The face is very light in color and speckled on the lower half. They are a very hardy fish, and are great additions to the newly-established tank. It may reside i..
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Model: VE102S
The Magnificent Foxface, also known as the Magnificent Rabbitfish, Andaman Foxface, or the Red Fin Foxface, is a uniquely colored fish. The face is white with a distinctive black band. The body is half white and half dark brown to black and each fin is fringed with yellow or red. It is a very hardy ..
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Model: VE115S
The Two Barred Rabbitfish, also known as the Barred Spinefoot, usually travels in pairs among the reefs of the Indo-West Pacific. It has an oblong shape to its body and has a beautiful series of blue markings with a yellow back and tail. The eyes of this fish are masked by a black stripe that extend..
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