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Seahorse Aquariums Testimonials

Here are some Testimonials from customers that order from us online and who call in the store.

If Carlsberg did........

Kieran McBride

Was down there recently having problems with my marine tank. And kit down there was great help and full of information. Thanks!

Stephen Flanagan

Been down again this morning loving the extra space and the loyalty card scheme and one of the lads showed me some rare guppies in quarantine room. Very impressed :)


Stephen Flanagan

Went to Seahorse Aquariums for the first time today and I have to say it was brilliant. When I first called to get info and directions I was well impressed with the girl I spoke to and she was so polite and friendly. And when I went I got a grand tour of the place and the best customer service I have ever received! I will definitely be going back there from now on!

Susan Dahl

Dear Kealan. I have been around business for 35 years and have never come across a body of people that you are blessed with. You clearly lead from the front by example which is a huge tribute to you in the way you run Seahorse, it's more than a passion, good things come to good people.
I want to thank you and the whole team who has made my passion for marine fish a reality in my home, I'm not a chemist or a marine biologist, your understanding of my particular situation has made this possible again, which has enriched my life on a daily basis when I was ready to give up.
Your staff member, who came to our home yesterday and passed on so much, such a valuable experience for me.
Thank you all so very much.

Eugene McDonald

I received my Bannerfish from Seahorse back in May and was extremely happy with the quality of the fish and also the condition they arrived in. They were well packed in large individual bags by courier and settled in within a day. I was finding it very hard to get good specimens, these 3 came from Bali and were the best ive ever seen and a good price. They also took photos to show me beforehand as I couldn't drive down to the shop. I wouldn't think twice about ordering fish online again.

Jonathan Lappin

I think this is a great site for buying fish products as its way cheaper than my local pet shops for things. Just great.

Jackie Hind

Great place for aquarists and the customer service is just awesome ! :-)

Santiago Valcarcel

Really good place if you have an interest in tropical or marine fish

Cian McGuirk

Amazing store with amazing customer service, go here if you are anyway interested in starting out.

Joseph Lynch

Very happy with the service guys, had no idea about what I needed but you made it very simple without making me feel like an idiot!

Neill Austin

Brilliant staff and shop don't know what I would do without them!

Emma Murphy

Drove up from Cork. When the lads heard about my journey they went out of their way to help me transport the fish safely and with enough oxygen to make the journey home. A top notch service.. Only wish it was closer.

Alan Mooney

Yesterday was in the shop for the first time, I love this place and I got great service :) Lads helped me with all my silly questions I had :) In the evening back in Cobh My Yelow Tang, Blue Tang, and all of Blue-Green Chromis are in their new Home:)))

Pawel Gajewski

Used to do all my shopping in petstop superstore but will never enter the place again after visiting Seahorse. I know this might sound odd but the fish seem so healthy and vibrant compared to other shops. The guys are great for advice and help (Never come across more knowledgeable guys) . Whether you need a bit of food or a full setup these are the guys to visit :)

Graham Purtell

I just wanted to say well done for all that you have done in the past to enhance the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves and also to congratulate you all on such an impressive store, I just want to wish you the best of luck and in particular to Kealan on any forthcoming Projects, well done lads.

Kev, aka stretnik. IFKS.

Hi All, I would just like to thank you for the Butterfly Angel that I received from you yesterday. The way the shipment was packaged was excellent and it appeared that the fish arrived stress free. Thank you again for everything and I shall be ordering more from this site. I have received the fish in better condition than I have ever seen here in the shops in cork.

Tim O'Regan Cork

Fantastic shop cannot wait to go back soon, thanks for the help and the tour

Martin Bedford

Visited the shop yesterday, very impressive set-up there, can't wait to change my Cichlid tank to Reef!

Carl O'Donnell

Would like to thank John for all the help he gave me last week when I had an issue with my water. My water ammonia went throuhg the roof and John gave me about 20 mins of advice on what I need to do and when, the things I need to fix the issue and the stuff I need to avoid it in future. Thanks again John

Graham Purtell

More testimonials from our event with RedSea.

The event was really really good. I'm very interested in going the red sea route now. I've been in contact with Kevin already about how to change over from how I'm running my system at present. I am currently balling lite and have quite a bit of new stuff for that so trying to change over but don't want to waste the new stuff ive got either. So Im hoping I can do both at the same time. If I can I will take the reef colour professional pack and the reef energy pack. Again, a great event and looking forward to any more of these.

NIRC member

Have to say your shop is great and really pushing the hobby in Ireland forward with your enthusiasm. Second to none, that's for sure.


Great night thanks for organising it.Will be looking forward to a freshwater night maybe? Hope yours can organise one.Thanks.


Just home for the red cow it went great thanks seahorse for setting it up! After tonight and after talking to Kevin after at the bar I'll be doing a bit of changing in my tank! He knows his stuff!!!!

NIRC member

I'll second that, brilliant night, very very informative. Thanks Seahorse.

NIRC Member

Ill third the last two posts,great night.

Lewis NIRC member

I took a drive down with a few other guys (from Northern Ireland), it was a long drive and day, but again, the Seahorse guys were very hospitable and the Red Sea guys gave a very interesting and informative talk. I'll look into their programme a bit more, but, if it's not broke don't fix it is going through my head, so I won't be rushing and buying anything just yet.

If anyone is on the full Red Sea Reef Care Programme, it would be great to get pics and info up to read.

So agreed on that. I already found solutions to my problems by listening them. Their expertise so superb and I heard that even Kealan and his team learnt quite a bit of things.

What also liked is that Kevin and Steve were very decent and they didn't force sale anyone to buy into products. I felt they were making you to think and decide through their experience.

Jake Hart - Kildare

It was a very good night. I met the old usuals, people who we see only now and then, and one or 2 new people (so really good to chat to those who met us for the first time).

The presentation by the Red Sea guys was very good. What I liked was the stressing of the basic principles of balance and appropriateness of the water parameters.

I had a little chat with the main speaker from Red Sea outside whilst I was puffing away on the smoke. Very pleasent guys.

Well done to SeaHorse for organising this (and hopefully future) event.


A totally enjoyable and informative night, much appreciated.

Hi thanks for all your info it was very helpful I hope there are more nights like that.

Hi guys
I have to thank you for an educational night, learnt loads with all your help, hope from this meeting I will be finally be on the road to a good marine aquarium. Hope you can visit us again - I for one will be there and thanks to the lads in seahorse for organising this.


It was a very good event and I enjoyed the event.

The philosophy and ethos of the speakers was very good (as well as very informed). I like that.

Big thanks to Kealan and Andrew for setting up the meet with Redsea and big thanks to Kevin and Steve from Redsea for explaining the red sea reef care program in more detail. I didn't think there was anything more I had to learn about the program but there defently was. Thanks again worth the drive and also the white cheek Tang I got was worth the drive. It's doing well in my tank no bother this morning think it went in that late that it had a good start. As usual lots of hospitality from seahorse. Thanks - Madmick NIRC member +1 with Madmick, a very enjoyable and interesting night, definitely food for thought about the Red Sea reef care programme.

Also a big thanks to Madmick for the lift down and for a good laugh with the rest of the guys. Got a bit of my youth back lol.

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