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Glen Rogers

“Really impressed with the setup in seahorse aquariums, high quality fish and reasonable prices. Great variety of fish as well. I really like the bags they use for the fish, flat bottom so there's no corners for the fish to get stuck in, most local pet shops just use standard bags and the fish get squashed in the corners. The staff are very helpful and knowledgeable, I highly recommend this place!”

Thomas Durkan

“Best fish shop in Ireland today, hands down best staff and selection and advice. Also best value I have seen in years, I’m a fish keeper since 1997! They really got my plants a growing, website is very thorough and they post out stuff too!”

Andrina Lyons

“They have a WEALTH of knowledge and are happy to share all they know with you! Any livestock I’ve gotten from here is so healthy and they have the welfare of their fish as their priority which is a breath of fresh air compared to alot of other places. Would only ever shop here for my aquariums.”

Frances Power

“Staff knowledge is outstanding, excellent customer service and good value. Fish are very well kept and the aquasaping... Wow! Highly recommended.”

Stuart Duff

“I'm a total beginner to the hobby and the staff in here are amazing and so helpful. Gave us all the knowledge we need to kit out and set up our first aquarium for our little fella. They have so much to choose from too it's a fantastic place, everything you could possibly need.”

Darren Mcgovern

“Seahorse is a fantastic aquatic supply store it has everything you need for freshwater and saltwater aquariums with a large variety of livestock available and very knowledgeable staff I highly recommend them.”

Cristian Iliescu

“I am not a big fan off aquariums and fish as pets but, my daughter wanted some fish in an aquarium so we decided to visit this place and inquire about options. The staff were simply fenomenal, they went above and beyond, i recommend this place.”

Stuart Corcoran

“Has to be one of the best places to buy fish online good quality and the staff are helpful I definitely recommend 5 stars from me.”

Tara Devitt

“A huge thanks to Keelan, Keane, Tony and all the lads at Seahorse Aquarium. They did an amazing job on our tank and we are over the moon with it. I would highly recommend anyone to go to them. Their customer service and knowledge is amazing and nothing was ever any trouble for them.”

Conor Seoighe

“This is the only place I get fish from now. I have only seen one dead or sick fish in 6 years which is super impressive. Honest and helpful staff not just looking to make a profit. The fish are great and they have everything you need fresh or salt water. And an amazing enormous corner marine tank.”


“Didn't expect it to be so big! Not only it housed thousands kinds of fish, but also various sea life like anemones and crabs! It also offers different kinds and sizes of aquariums. The staff is very friendly and was more than happy to answer our questions.”

Mad Bren

“I visited this store for the very first time yesterday, I will deffinatly be returning to it, the help I got was out of this world, nothing was a hassle staff could not of been more helpful. There stock is unbelievable, the fish stock are the healtiest I've ever come across. If you want a good fish store try the others, if you want a great fish store visit Seahorse aquarium.”

Gerry Walsh

“Delighted with the speed of service by Dan in Seahorse Aquariums. Ordered a pump and a light for my aquarium on Tuesday- they all arrived on Thursday of the same week . Top class service . My fish appreciate the new pump and light.”

Gregory K

“One of my favorite sea-life shop.It so many sea-life object to see here .....its eaven better than Sea View in BRAY 😁Lot of kind fish sweet water and also salt water..shrimp's,sea horses,starfish,sea corals. Professional advice for any ( from my observation)customer dosn't mater if you have one gold fish at home or hi-tech tank with fish for few K... . Accesories,pump's filter all this and much much more Brand as JUWEL/JLB/ EHEIM itp. Something what is annissue there .....not to meny spaces to park a car🥴 cloae to shop.. Recomended for any sea lovers...”

Caroline Monks

“Excellent fish shop, the range of livestock, tanks and accessories are second to none in Ireland. The staff are so friendly and helpful, they are extremely knowledgeable and never rush you. What I really like is that they'll find out what fish you already have and will recommend only those that'll cohabit well with them, not try sell you fish that are unsuitable with your existing ones. They also supply, fit and maintain custom tanks. Great range of aquascaping and live feed stock too. I always enjoy a trip here, the kids love it too. The staff always take time to make them feel welcome and answer their 101 questions about fishes and are really patient.”

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