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Nymphaea lotus In Vitro

Nymphaea lotus In Vitro
Nymphaea lotus In Vitro
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Nymphaea lotus common name Red Tiger Lotus from the family Nymphaeaceae originates from West Africa and can grow to a height of 20 cm - 80 cm. N. lotus is an attractive plant with a varied leaf colours ranging from green to red-brown and varying numbers of purple spots. In its native habitat it is found in bodies of stagnant water ranging in size from lakes to small, temporary pools. N. lotus is a bulb plant which produces both submersed and floating leaves. Before forming floating leaves N. lotus forms many underwater leaves. If you do not wish to have any floating leaves, trim the roots and leaves. The exquisite, aromatic flowers make a stunning addition to any open aquariums. For the best results and to promote growth ensure a nutrient rich substrate. It is often available in a red and a green variety.

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