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Rotala wallichii - In Vitro

Rotala wallichii - In Vitro
Rotala wallichii - In Vitro
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Rotala wallichii from the family Lythraceae originates from South East Asia and can grow to a height of 10 cm - 30 cm. Although this plant can be demanding it is well worth the effort. When light conditions are beneficial the plant develops red shoot tips. This plant also displays wonderful whorls of pinks, yellows and greens in the aquarium. R. wallichii is considered an excellent foreground plant, and suits small aquariums very well, as trimming is easily done if it grows too large. The most aesthetically pleasing displays can be achieved by planting a large number of stems in a group. For the best results and to promote growth CO2 addition is highly recommended. R. Wallichii also has a preference to soft, slightly acidic water. Propagation is possible by removing side shoots and replanting in a suitable substrate.

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