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Emerald Green Cory Cat

Emerald Green Cory Cat
Emerald Green Cory Cat
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Care Level
Color / Form
Blue, Purple, White, Yellow
Geographic Region
India, Captive Bred
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Tank Size
025 Lt.
General Information
Family Cyprinidae
Latin Name Drerio

The Emerald Green Cory adds interest and beauty to the lower regions of your aquarium. This popular aquarium scavenger has an iridescent, emerald green body with pinkish under-parts.

In addition to an ornamental presence, the Emerald Green Cory Cat provides the valuable service of devouring uneaten food on the aquarium bottom.

Also known as the Green Catfish or Emerald Brochis, the Emerald Green Cory Cat comes from the regions of South America in the Amazon River basin. It inhabits waters with high vegetation and neutral pH.

A minimum aquarium size of 100 litres is recommend for the Emerald Green Cory. To replicate the natural habitat of this catfish, the aquarium should be well planted with plenty of driftwood. Maintain a pH close to neutral and provide strong filtration to ensure proper health.

In the aquarium, females will collect the eggs in a pelvic fin basket and deposit them individually on plants, rocks, driftwood, and other objects. Pairs have been known to produce 900 to 1,100 eggs.

The Emerald Green Cory Cat will eat food that has settled to the bottom of the aquarium. However, supplemental foods such as bloodworms, tubifex, flake food, or sinking carnivore pellets should be offered to ensure proper nutrition.

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