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Arrive Alive

48 Hour Guarantee

If your fish, coral, plant, or invertebrate doesn't arrive alive and stay alive for 2 days, we'll credit your account or refund your money.

When you order any live products from, every purchase is a partnership, and our guarantee is our reputation. So we have the offer of Arrive Alive on the livestock that we ship to the Island of Ireland. Why not – It's no fun ordering a fish or coral that is not up to its full health and vigor. We believe that a partnership is built on trust and understanding, and this will be stronger than one built in terms and conditions. So when ordering livestock form seahorse aquariums – rest assured that we will not be forgetting about you after we expertly pack the box for overnight delivery to your aquarium.

If you have any problems with your livestock please contact us at [email protected] Also please feel free to leave some feedback to let others know about your online experience with seahorse aquariums.