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Red Rili Shrimp

Red Rili Shrimp
Red Rili Shrimp
Red Rili Shrimp
Red Rili Shrimp
Red Rili Shrimp
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    The Rili Shrimp came from Taiwanese breeders sometime in 2010, and was highly sought after for its novel coloration, and combination of intense colours and clear parts. The first Rilis were selectively bred from red neocaridinas with white patches, bands, stripes, and splotches until the line was stabilized and made available to the public. Upon arriving into the global market, Rili shrimp fetched a very high price; since then, prices have dropped dramatically dropped. Since the stabilization of the Rili line, blue, green, and yellow/orange coloration morphs have been recorded.


    As with most Neocaridina variants, Rili shrimp are very easy to breed. Since they are virtually the same shrimp as Red Cherry shrimp, Blue Pearl shrimp, or any other Neocaridina strain, they are very similar in breeding requirements and easily bred in the basic shrimp tank. Essentially, given a mix of sexes, clean water, and acceptable temperatures, these shrimp will readily reproduce.


    As with other Neocaridina strains, sexing is relatively easy to any shrimp keeper. A curved underbelly and saddle is especially clear in females. The saddle in Rili shrimp tends to be of a blue-ish colouration. Males have a concave underbelly with longer antennae and tend to be a little clearer.


    Feeding Rili shrimp should be no different than any other shrimp. One thing to keep in mind is to feed according to population size; as your shrimp reproduce, you will have to feed more to support a larger number of shrimp. Powdered baby food is a good idea to feed to young shrimp, as the first few days in a shrimp's life are the most vital. Feeding is done best once daily in amounts that shrimp are able to consume in 1-2 hours.

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