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Jbl Micromec

Jbl Micromec
Jbl Micromec
Jbl Micromec
Jbl Micromec
Jbl Micromec
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"White intensive bio-filter balls
• High-quality sintered glass balls for crystal-clear water.
• With only 14 mm ball diameter, also suitable for small filters.
• Conical tunnel pores allow algae-promoting nitrates to be broken down.
• More intensive breakdown of ammonium and nitrite.
• 1 liter has 1500 m2 effective surface, 8 times as much as conventional ceramic pipes.
Product description
JBL MicroMec is a highly porous bio filter material made from sintered glass which allows the efficient biological breakdown of pollutants. It is therefore particularly good for intensive biological long-term filtering in freshwater and marine aquariums. The special conical tunnel pore structure provides beneficial cleansing micro-organisms with the best possible conditions for colonisation. Compared to rings, the greater material thickness of the irregular pellets allows different bacteria to colonise the filter in layers. Ammonium and nitrite are efficiently broken down in the outer layers, whilst the optimum conditions for the bacterial breakdown of nitrate are created in the inner section. The optimum bulk density is extremely effective even in small filters.
Rinse well under tap water to remove any dust collected during transport. Place JBL MicroMec in the filter in such a way that it is protected from unnecessary soiling by a layer of JBL Symec which can be easily cleaned at regular intervals. JBL MicroMec should be rinsed briefly under running water from time to time. For optimum results, approximately half of the JBL MicroMec should be replaced by new pellets after about 6 months.
Press Release
New intensive filter material from JBL for all filters
JBL MicroMec and JBL SintoMec are the latest developments from JBL Research: the objective was a biological filter material which exceeds the effectiveness of previous materials and can be used in small filters. The capacity of existing filter materials to break down nitrates has been inadequate. The solution was found by designing the pores of the new high-quality sinter glass material with a special shape: conical t

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