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JBL NitratEx

JBL NitratEx
JBL NitratEx
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"Filter material for the rapid removal of nitrates
• Only for freshwater aquariums.
• Prevents and removes undesirable algae growth.
• 250 ml (170 g) absorbs 9000 mg nitrates.
• Filter bag included.
• Suited for multiple use through easy reactivation with common salt.
Product description
JBL NitratEX Although nitrate (NO3) is non-toxic, it stunts the growth of fish and plants and leads to the excessive growth of algae in aquariums and ponds. Nitrate is only broken down by bacteria under anaerobic (oxygen-free) conditions. These occur, for example, in the floor covering material or in the reef rock of saltwater aquariums. Every filter which operates on normal biological principles produces nitrate. The nitrate consumption of plants is often not high enough, and nitrate becomes enriched in the water, leading to an increase in algae growth.
Problem solutions
Measures against excessive nitrate levels in tap water:
1. Prepare tap water with JBL Osmose 120. This reverse osmosis removes about 90% of nitrates from tap water (at 25°C water temperature and a minimum pressure of 3 bar!).
2. Alternatively, tap water which has stood for a while can be pumped through a container with JBL NitratEX. By means of ion exchange, JBL NitratEX removes the unwanted nitrate.
Measures against excessive nitrate levels in the freshwater aquarium:
1. Regular partial changes of water (approx. 1/3 every 2 weeks).
2. Prepare water with JBL Biotopol.
3. Measure nitrate content of tap water (max. 50 mg/l).
4. Either eliminate nitrate from the water using JBL NitratEX or eliminate it in the long-term by applying JBL BioNitratEX. The difference lies in the mode of action, not in the outcome, as nitrate is eliminated by both products. JBL NitratEX operates as an ion exchanger, replacing the unwanted nitrate with another harmless ion. After a certain time the exchange process is exhausted and the JBL NitratEX must be regenerated. This simply entails using a salt solution. JBL BioNitratEX works on a biological basis."

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