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Aquanano 40 Marine Starter

Aquanano 40 Marine Starter
Aquanano 40 Marine Starter
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Here is a great deal for a Nemo marine starter pack for anyone wanting to try a Marine Aquarium. Cabinet not included .

Here is what you get:

Aquarium Name: AquaOne AquaNano 40
Volume Approx: 55 Litres
Tank Size L X W X H: 40 X 40 X 40 cm
Cabinet Size L X W X H: 40 X 40 X 80 cm (not included)
Lighting: Energy efficient Smart Touch 6W LED lighting
Heater: 55w JBL
Filter: Intergrated back filter
Colours: All glass with Black internal filter box

Included in the pack you get:

  • AquaRoche
  • 5 Kilos of marine sand
  • 2 Nemo clownfish
  • 3 Hermit crabs
  • 3 marine snails
  • 55L Salt Water

  • This aquarium will hold approxamatly 5 fish. It is not big enough to keep the likes of Dory or Bubbles form the Nemo movie. If you would like to keep these fish then you will require a larger tank. Please look at our other starter packs that would suit these fish.

    Also please look at out page on how to keep and maintain a marine aquarium, so you understand on what is involved to keep nemo happy. We will be here to help you but you need to understand the basics of fish keeping.

    How to setup a marine aquarium

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