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AquaOne Opti Tank low profile 20L

AquaOne Opti Tank low profile 20L
AquaOne Opti Tank low profile 20L
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  • Brand: AquaOne
  • Model: AQ-53303-45
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OptiClear Aquariums

Aqua One OptiClear Nest Sets are high-quality, low iron opti-clear glass aquariums that ensure premium clarity and true colour viewing. Available in various sizes, these customisable tanks provide an unobstructed frameless design to maximise viewing pleasure, allowing you to create an aquarium that will be the showcase of any home or office.

Feature and Benefits:

      Water Volume - 20L
      Aquarium Dimensions - 45 x 22 x 24 cm
      Low iron opti-clear glass provides true colour viewing
      Frameless aquarium creating optimum viewing
      Fully customisable allowing you to design your own setup
      Removable lid allowing easy access for maintenance
      Provided foam base offers support and strength to the frameless aquarium
      Sleek, modern design
Suitable for: Coldwater & Freshwater Tropical

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