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Marine Copepods 90ml

Marine Copepods 90ml
Marine Copepods 90ml
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Marine Copepods 90ml - Essential Live Food for Your Saltwater Aquarium

Marine Copepods 90ml - The Natural Choice for Your Aquarium

Marine Copepods 90ml offer a sustainable and nutritious live food option for saltwater aquarium fishes, corals, and other invertebrates. These small crustaceans are vital for maintaining a balanced ecosystem, especially in tanks housing mandarin fish, anthias, seahorses, or systems with a refugium.

Who Should Use Live Copepods?

Live copepods are beneficial for almost any marine aquarium, promoting optimal health and vitality for a variety of species. They are particularly crucial for tanks with specific needs, such as those housing finicky eaters or maintaining a refugium for biodiversity.

How To Use Live Copepods

Our live copepods are supplied in a 90ml plastic pouch for easy introduction to your system. They can be added directly to the aquarium or refugium, or through a sieve for controlled distribution. For systems without a refugium, adding copepods during the night can enhance their survival and integration into the aquarium.

Benefits of Live Copepods in Your Aquarium

  • Excellent food source for selective feeders
  • Scavenge uneaten food and waste, improving water quality
  • Support natural behaviors and dietary needs of marine life

Introducing Marine Copepods 90ml into your aquarium not only enriches the diet of your marine inhabitants but also contributes to the overall health of your aquatic ecosystem by controlling waste and promoting natural feeding habits.

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