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Marine Copepods

Marine Copepods
Marine Copepods
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What Are Copepods?
Live copepods are small crustaceans that can be used as live food for saltwater aquarium fishes, corals and other invertebrates.
Who Should Use Live Copepods?
Almost any marine aquarium will benefit from the addition of copepods, but tanks with mandarin fish, anthias and seahorses may well require the regular addition of copepods for optimal health results. Aquarists that maintain refugium as a part of their overall system should definitely add copepods directly to their refugium on a regular basis.
How To Use Live Copepods
We supply our live copepods in a 90ml plastic pouch. To add them to your system, simply pour the bottle or pouch directly into the aquarium or use a sieve witch is available as an option if you require one. If a refugium is present, it may be best to add at least some of the copepods to the refugium where they will not be eaten. If no refugium is present, you may add all of the copepods directly to the sump (consider shutting off the protein skimmer for a time if one is present). If the system does not have a refugium or a sump, consider adding at least some of the copepods when the aquarium lights are off.
Why Can't I See Live Copepods In My Aquarium?
Over time, the population of the copepods in your aquarium will decline as they are grazed by the corals, anemones, fish and shrimp in the tank.
How Do Live Copepods Help My Aquarium?
As well as being an excellent food source for finicky fish eaters, they are "detritivores", meaning they will scavenge leftover fish food, fish poop, and bacteria in the tank. They can help control the water quality by eating the unused food which can eventually lead to bacteria overload in your tank.

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