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Polyplab White Spot Treatment

Polyplab White Spot Treatment
Polyplab White Spot Treatment
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The PolyLab Treatment is the best treatment for white spots as well as other parasitic diseases in both marine and freshwater aquarium. Its innovative formula (antibiotic component + a reef-safe oxidizing agent) is highly effective mainly for a) marine ich-Crytpocaryon irritans, b) Freshwater Ich-Ichthyophthirius multifiliis and c) Marine Velvet-Amyloodinium ocellatum.

The PolypLab Treatment is very effective with the parasites due to the fact that is a highly concentrated product; however at the same time is completely reef-safe, it is safe for inverterbrates and nitrifying bacteria. Overall this is the best treatment you can find in the market for white spots and other parasitic diseases.

Use one level scoop of MEDIC for every 190ltr of your system twice per day. Add once before 10 am and once after 10 pm. Apply this treatment between 10 and 20 days. Continue using skimmer.

Please note that ozone and carbon should not be used duting the treatment.

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