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Atlantic Life Phyto 250Ml

Atlantic Life Phyto 250Ml
Atlantic Life Phyto 250Ml
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Atlantic Life is a nutritious mixture of live phytoplankton - the foundation of all life in the ocean. It's suitable for feeding copepods, corals, clams and other inverts - and it also promotes faster coral growth, brighter colouration of corals and greater polyp extension. Atlantic Life will help consume nitrates and phosphates in your aquarium before they can contribute to nuisance algae growth, whille also helping to stablize your PH.

We recommend 10ml per 50 liters of tank water 3-4 times per week
You cannot overfeed with Athlantic Life as this is a live natural product
For the best results, use in conjuction with live copepods
Store in fridge and shake well before use
Shelf life is 4 weeks

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