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Triton CO3 1ltr 8355

Triton CO3 1ltr 8355
Triton CO3 1ltr 8355
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The Triton water analysis is the most accurate water analysis for both hobbyists and professional aquarists. Their expertise in the field is backed up not only by their degrees in chemistry and pharmacy but also in years of research that allowed them to successfully develop their very own method.

According to the Triton method, before implementing the Base Elementz the carbonate hardness (alkalinity) of your aquarium should be measured and slowly adjusted to reach 8 DKH. The Triton Co3 will definitely make your life easier as it can be used to increase the alkalinity levels.

So, if more alkalinity is needed to maintain the level at 8dkh and the calcium and magnesium levels are just right or maxed out; instead of boosting the dose of your Elementz Base you can simply use the Triton Co3 to get you out of the difficult situation.

100ml of Triton Co3 in 100ltr of water will result in increasing the alkalinity approximately by 3dkh.


All Triton products have been tested by our dedicated team to ensure high quality and consistency in results.

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