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The Acropora Coral occurs in many shades of colour, and are a wonderful addition to a reef aquarium. Many of the brightly colored Acroporas will even fluoresce under actinic lighting giving your aquarium a stunning look during sunrise and sunset simulations.

There are many different species of Acropora corals with many different growth forms. The most common growth form is bushy in appearance with short, compact branches.
The branches of this coral will remain relatively short, and will form secondary branches as it grows. Occasionally, other growth forms like table top, bottle brush, staghorn and others are available

The ideal conditions for the Acropora coral is an established reef aquarium with bright lighting provided by preferably intense metal halides, Lots fo T5 tubes or high output LED's.

Under the right conditions, the growth rate of the Acropora coral is much more rapid than most of the other corals found in an established reef aquarium.

To maximize their growth rate, it is imperative to maintain a high pH, alkalinity and calcium levels, and to keep phosphate and nitrate levels as close to zero as possible.
If conditions are ideal, it can also be cultured and grown into a new colony from living fragments or broken pieces.

Along with lighting and water quality, Acropora corals prefer strong, intermittent water flow within the aquarium. This is best accomplished with a wavemaker and multiple powerheads.

Acropora corals receive a majority of their nutritional requirements from photosynthesis, but will benefit from the addition of various types of phyto and zooplankton.

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