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Red Sea Salt bucket 22kg

Red Sea Salt bucket 22kg
Red Sea Salt bucket 22kg
Red Sea Salt bucket 22kg
Red Sea Salt bucket 22kg
Red Sea Salt bucket 22kg
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Red Sea Salt Background
All corals build their skeletons by absorbing the major, minor, and trace elements that they need from the surrounding water. Original research carried out in Red Sea’s laboratory has shown that a specific ratio between the foundation elements Calcium, Magnesium and Carbonates (measured as Alkalinity or °dKH) are necessary for optimal metabolic function and the formation of strong aragonite skeleton of corals. This biologically balanced ratio between the foundation elements, which is implemented in the new formulations of Red Sea salt, will enhance the vitality of all corals.

Why Red Sea Salt?
Red Sea Salt is designed to provide the exact parameters of tropical reef water with a slightly elevated alkalinity as needed in a closed marine system. Red Sea salt is ideal for fish and invertebrate systems or for low-nutrient tanks where the hobbyist supplements all of the individual elements on a regular basis

Product Charatceristics at a Glance

Living reef in every harvested grain
From the waters of the exotic Red Sea
All-natural eco-friendly harvesting
Biologically balanced levels of foundation elements
Full complement of trace elements
Guaranteed parameters for 10liter / 2.5gal mix
No Nitrates or Phosphates (Algae Nutrients)
No toxic levels of Heavy Metals
No Chemical Binders
Low moisture content

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