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Dragon Puffer

Dragon Puffer
Dragon Puffer
Dragon Puffer
Dragon Puffer
Dragon Puffer
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The Dragon puffer is also known as the King Kong or humpback Puffer.

This puffer is much smaller than other puffers in the same family, as it only reaches a maximum length of 10cm. It is golden-brown on the back which fades to an off white on the belly.

Dark brown to black spots covers most of this fish. The male of this species is leaner, with less of a round shape when compared to the female.

Also, the male has a pronounced black stripe running from the tail to the pectoral fin.

The ideal set up for the Dragon Puffer is a planted aquarium of at least 100 litres with plenty of hiding places. Unlike the other puffers in this family, the puffer requires freshwater with no salt content.

The males are very territorial and only one per aquarium is suggested unless it is a large system.

The Dragon Puffer should be fed crustacean foods such as brine shrimp, krill, mollusks and earthworms.

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