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Tropheus Ikola

Tropheus Ikola
Tropheus Ikola
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The Ikola is known for the gorgeous yellow band on the back flank of both sexes and a red upper eye iris. The remainder of the body is dark black with a silver or bluish sheen depending on their mood. They black part of Tropheus Ikola can go grey in color if the fish is in fright mode, solid black color is a sign of a happier fish. Yellow is showing on the entire batch! Juveniles will begin to fully color at around 2-3" and may also display blue hues around the head until mature.

Tropheus are one of among the most interesting and active of all African Cichlids. They are also unlike all other Lake Tanganyika cichlids. They can be highly aggressive, especially toward conspecifics, but this is not a given. Aggressiveness can be an individual trait among these fish, and it definitely is influenced in the aquarium by variables such as size, tank structure, and species mix. Aquarium groups of Tropheus are very impressive to even the casual observer because of their usually gorgeous appearance.

Feeding: Spirulina or Chlorella based flake food supplemented with fresh green vegetables such as romaine lettuce and spinach as well as meaty treats on occasion.

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