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Tropheus Bemba

Tropheus Bemba
Tropheus Bemba
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Native to the shallow, rocky areas of Lake Tanganyikain Africa, the Tropheus Bemba Flame is another popular species of Tropheus found throughout the hobby. Much like other species of Tropheus, these fish are known for displaying some of the brightest colors of all the species found in the African rift lakes. The Tropheus sp. Black (Pemba) features a dark, near black body, which is contrasted by a bright orange, flame-like vertical bar in the middle of its body right before its anal fin. The orange vertical bar is the main reason for its popular common name, Bemba Flame.

Bembas like other Tropheus are kept best in the bigger tank (about 400 litre). The tank decoration need not be complicated. Some fine sand at the bottom and a few rocks is enough. The water conditions should mimic the hard water of their natural habitat in Lake Tanganyika.

Tropheus sp. Black (Bemba), like all Tropheus, are herbivores, and should be fed a diet that mainly consists of vegetable matter. In the wild they feed mostly on algae. In a home aquarium they can be fed algae wafers along with spirulina-based flakes and pellet foods.

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