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Green / Blue Flordia Ricordia - Small

Green / Blue Flordia Ricordia  - Small
Green / Blue Flordia Ricordia - Small
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The Ricordea florida mushroom corals are some of the most colorful corals available in the industry. They add a diversity of both color and texture to the saltwater reef aquarium.
This variety is mostly blue in color with shades of pink, purple and yellow.

The oral disc of these Ricordea florida are often neon green in color. The colors of these corals are further intensified under fluorescent actinic lighting. These blue mushrooms will even glow pink under straight actinic lighting!

It will adapt to a wide variety of lighting conditions, and care should be taken to acclimate this coral to metal halide lighting.

Place the coral low in the aquarium until it opens fully, and then gradually over a few weeks, move the coral to the desired location.
It prefers a low water movement within the aquarium. It is considered semi-aggressive and requires adequate space between itself and other corals. It reproduces by longitudinal fission.

The symbiotic algae zooxanthellae hosted within it provide the majority of its nutritional requirements from the light driven process of photosynthesis. It also eats plankton and smaller invertebrates such as crustaceans.

Blue/Green Ricordea Mushrooms vary greatly in coloration. This can be dependent on the individual specimen itself, as well as the style and Kelvin rating of the lighting system used on the reef aquarium. Please expect some diversity in coloration.

These Ricordea Mushrooms are sold per polyp and are shipped unattached, or attached to a piece of gravel with no rock. To attach the mushroom in the aquarium, lightly tie it to a rock with inert string. The mushroom will attach in a few days, at which time the string can be removed.

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