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Zebra Pleco

Zebra Pleco
Zebra Pleco
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The Zebra Pleco is a dwarf species that reaches a maximum size of 8cm in length.

It is one of the many members of the Loricariidae family, the suckermouth catfish.

Due to the great variety within the catfish category, it has become very difficult to categorize them by species. As a result, you may see a reference to the letter "L" for the family Loricariidae, followed by a number. The Zebra is referred to as L-46.

The Zebra pleco is a nocturnal fish making its rounds during the evening.

This highly sought after species occupies the bottom of the aquarium and appreciates plenty of rockwork and driftwood in its environment for hiding. This shy fish should not be kept with other bottom dwelling fish that will out compete Zebras for food.

Ideally the aquarium should be maintained at 25 degrees, with an abundance of live plants in order to provide an oxygen rich environment.

Unlike other algae eating Loricarids, Zebra Plecos do not chew on driftwood. The Zebra Pleco should be fed meaty foods that sink to the bottom of the aquarium.

Ideal foods include a high quality flake food, sinking carnivore pellets, and frozen or freeze-dried bloodworms and brine shrimp, as well as sinking algae wafers.

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