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White Pearl Fish - Large

White Pearl Fish - Large
White Pearl Fish - Large
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The Killifish family are best in pairs. Seahorse Aquarium keeps all killifish in Pairs and recommend to house both sexes in the aquarium. The White Pearl Fish, otherwise known as the Rio Pearlfish or Whites Pearlfish, is a South American Killifish found in temporary pools in floodplains of streams and lagoons. This species is covered in tiny white spots (pearls) which form a linear pattern around its rounded tail and pinnate dorsal and caudal finds. With this pair, the dedicated aquarist will enjoy keeping and breeding an eye-catching species with a unique lifecycle. This species of Killifish is an annual species. Their habitats dry out completely twice a year, and while the adults die, the eggs they lay in the substrate remain in diapause until the next rainy season. A well-planted breeding tank is ideal with a 2-3 inch layer of peat at the bottom. The White Pearl Fish will bury the eggs in the peat. After spawning, remove the peat that contain the eggs and press out any excess water. Place the moist peat with the eggs in a plastic bag or sealed jar for 2 months at room temperature. After that time period, add aquarium water back to the peat to hatch the fry. Place the fry in a small holding tank and feed the newborn fish live baby brine shrimp. The White Pearl Fish will accept most live foods such as brine shrimp, white worms, tubifex, and some commercially prepared flake and frozen foods.

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