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Olive Nerita Snail - Medium

Olive Nerita Snail - Medium
Olive Nerita Snail - Medium

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Care Level
Color / Form
Blue, Red
Max Size
15 cm
Tank Size
150 Lt.
Water Conditions
22-26° C, KH 4-10, pH 6.0-7.5
General Information
Family Cichlidae
Latin Name Thorichthys meeki
The Olive Nerita Snail is an efficient scavenger ideal for smaller ponds and freshwater community aquariums. Brownish green to black in coloration, the Olive Nerita Snail is a popular choice for keeping uneaten food and algae in check. It is peaceful and will not unexpectedly overpopulate your aquarium or water garden since the Olive Nerita Snail is difficult to breed (impossible in freshwater!). The Olive Nerita Snail originates from the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean and can be found in the lower regions of rivers. The Olive Nerita Snail should not be housed with any other animals that would like to make a meal of them. The sex of the Olive Nerita Snail can be determined if there are numerous individuals of the same age kept in the same environment and fed the same foods. In which case, females will be larger than males. In order to reproduce, the Olive Nerita Snail requires brackish water as it has a marine larval stage. Adult snails will live about 1 year under the right conditions. A scavenger, the Olive Nerita Snail will consume debris, uneaten food, and algae in the pond or aquarium. If insufficient food is present, supplement with a quality flake or pellet food.

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