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Threadfin Geophagus

Threadfin Geophagus
Threadfin Geophagus
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Many cichlid enthusiasts consider the Threadfin Geophagus as the crown jewel of the Cichlidae family. Though territorial like other cichlids, the Threadfin Geophagus is relatively peaceful in larger aquariums with plenty of hiding locations.

As this beautiful fish matures it develops elongated spines on the dorsal fin that have a thread-like appearance. Combined with its beautiful silver body with shades of green and blue, the Threadfin Geophagus is an elegant addition to community cichlid aquariums.

Native to the Amazon region of Brazil, the Threadfin Geophagus does best in roomy, 10 litre or larger aquariums that offer plenty of shelter amongst rocks and plants.

Like other cichlids, this fish is known for its disruptive digging. Therefore, care needs to be taken with the placement of aquatic plants. However, the constant digging does help clean your aquarium substrate. In fact, many aquarists attribute the Threadfin Geophagus with excellent cleaning skills.

Since this fish likes to dig, however, substrate should be soft sand or extremely fine gravel.

In addition to its scavenger abilities, feed this omnivorous fish a quality, varied diet of flakes, pellets, daphnia, tubifex, and other freeze-dried foods, such as shrimp, bloodworms, or mosquito larvae.

Breeding Threadfin Geophagus form maternal-paternal pairs, and spawn within the rock caves of properly established aquariums. Differentiating males from females on sight alone, however, is difficult.

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