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JBL PhosEx ultra

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"Filter mass for the removal of phosphates
• Phosphate in excess of 0.25 mg/l in freshwater, or 0.1 mg/l in saltwater, will give rise to algae-induced problems.
• 340 g of the products permanently absorbs 18,000 mg phosphates.
• Comprised of an insoluble iron compound which releases no toxins into the water.
• Effect measurable after only 24 hours.
• For fresh- and saltwater aquariums.
Product description
Together with nitrates, phosphates are the main nutrients for algae. Excess phosphate levels therefore encourage the growth of unwanted algae. The main source of phosphates are fish food and unsuitable aquarium products containing too much phosphate. JBL fish food is low in phosphate and only contains the minimum amount of phosphate which fish require to build a healthy bone structure.
Problem solutions
Measures to eliminate phosphates from the freshwater aquarium:
1. Regular partial changes of water (1/3 every 2 weeks).
2. Prepare the water with JBL Biotopol.
3. Remove dead plant material to prevent the release of absorbed phosphates.
4. Add JBL PhosEX to the filter. This highly effective filter material reliably removes even large quantities of phosphates.
5. JBL ClearMec plus may be used in the filter for small amounts of phosphate. This filter material removes nitrite and nitrate as well as phosphate.
6. Increase the number of plants. The more plants, the more phosphate is absorbed. Fast-growing plants absorb more phosphate than slowly-growing ones, of course.
Measures to eliminate phosphates from the saltwater aquarium:
1. Regular partial changes of water (1/4 monthly).
2. Prepare water with JBL Biotopol.
3. Add JBL PhosEX to the filter. This highly effective filter material reliably removes even large quantities of phosphates.
4. Adding macroalgae reduces the phosphate content.
5. Do not remove too much algae at one time, as the cells of algae are ripped open when the algae is removed and the substances absorbed, such as phosphates, seep back into the water!

Customer Reviews

Average rating: 5 stars

5 stars title= Great, 5th Jan 2014

Reviewer: Greg Furlong

Had some issues with algae. Tried water changes. Feeding less. Switching off the lights. No change. Used a bag of this. Can see the existing algae residing. Also it's 4 days since I cleaned the glass with my scraper. Still haven't any growth. Would see some growing at this stage without it

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