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Seneye USB Extension 15 meters

Seneye USB Extension 15 meters
Seneye USB Extension 15 meters
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Is your seneye device far away from your PC? With the seneye Active Extender your PC can be over 15m from your aquarium or pond. The seneye Active USB extension is designed to allow cable lengths over and above the usual USB maximum limit (5m). This active cable amplifies the signal from the seneye device, carrying the signal an additional 15m. With USB 2.0 data speeds up to 480Mbps, the seneye Active USB extension are designed to allow full-speed connections with error-free transmission.
The seneye Active Extension Cable uses active electronics to sustain the data signal, so you can connect the seneye device to your PC (or USB Power Adaptor) from an additional 15 meters away. Standard (passive) USB extension cable connections can cause significant data loss over distances of more than 5 meters. The uniquely designed weatherproof cover ensures that the connection between the seneye device and the Active Extension Cable is protected from the harsh environment, allowing the device to be used outdoors. features Use with all seneye devices Increase range by 15m Connect directly to a PC or to a USB Power Adaptor Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

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