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Platinum Gourami

Platinum Gourami
Platinum Gourami
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One of the hardiest of the gouramies, they are not fussy about water conditions or diet, even tolerating slightly cooler temperatures.

Both sexes are very similar in appearance; mature males have longer more pointed dorsal fins.

The Platinum Gourami is a beautiful color-morph of the Three Spot Gourami Trichopodus trichopterus (previously Trichogaster trichopterus). It is one of the more subtle color varieties with its white body having soft yellow or silver undertones and a deeper toned striped patterning along the back. There is still a hint of marbling visible on this species, but it lacks the two dark spots seen on its parentage.

This pretty fish, sometimes called the Silver Gourami, will make a gorgeous addition to a community aquarium.

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