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JBL NovoBaby 3x10ml

JBL NovoBaby 3x10ml
JBL NovoBaby 3x10ml
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Breeding-diet set for young fish
• 3 Food tins containing various grades of diet in a set.
• 3 foodsizes:
1.)Newborns up to 15 mm
2.) approx. 15 - 30 mm
3.) from about ca. 30 mm
• With vital vitamins and inositol, an essential biological component, to strengthen the immunological system.

Product description
JBL NovoBaby Complete rearing feed set for guppies and other live-bearing species consisting of three carefully balanced sizes of flakes or particles. Also suitable for rearing other young fry the size of a new-born guppy i.e. cichlids etc. Staple feed, contains EC colour additives; with E306 antioxidant.

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