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JBL AquaPad 60x30

JBL AquaPad  60x30
JBL AquaPad 60x30
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  • Brand: JBL
  • Model: 6110000
  • EAN: 4014162611000
"Special underlay for the aquarium & terrarium • Prevents distortion of the glass and levels out uneveness in the base. • Indispensable for any aquarium JBL tips for setting up and equipping your aquarium • the aquarium stand should be absolutely horizontal and sufficiently stable • JBL AquaBasis plus as the base layer provides plants with the right ""nutritional base“ • A top layer of gravel with 2-3 mm grain size is ideal for good plant growth • JBL ProTemp heaters provide the right ""climate“ in the aquarium • Do not select too many different types of decoration from the wide range available, as this will spoil the overall harmonious appearance. Instead combine several rocks of the same kind with one or two roots, for example. • When planting, remember to use contrasting plants e.g. wide-leafed plants next to fine-leafed ones, light green next to dark green etc. Always set long-stemmed plants in groups. Approximately 2/3 of the floor of the aquarium should be densely planted. • Select fast-growing plants at the beginning to keep algae in check. • JBL SOLAR Tropic fluorescent lamps provide plants with the best light for growth. • JBL Biotopol makes tap water suitable for fish and JBL Acclimol helps the fish to acclimatise to their new environment with minimum stress. JBL Denitrol introduces beneficial bacteria to the aquarium from the beginning, biologically breaking down fish excreta. • Stock your aquarium with fish which consume algae from the outset. "

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