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Juwel Media

Juwel Media
Brand: Juwel Model: JU88037NET
Juwel Active Charcoal Sponge Juwel Carbon Sponges absorb odour compounds and turbidity as well as toxic compounds in your aquarium, leaving the water crystal clear. The fact that active charcoal in the form of a sponge is used guarantees even flow conditions for the filter medium, creating a very la..
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Brand: Juwel Model: JU88038
Poly Pad Juwel Poly Pad is a pre-filter and catches the corse particles of dirt in the water. This severs are a mechanical filter as it removed this large waste when you change out the pad. It protects the filter from rapid soiling and means that you don't have to clean the other filter media as o..
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Brand: Juwel Model: 85164
Juwel filter baskets gives you the ability to assemble your filter sponges outside the aquarium and then slide the complete basket into place in one action. It also allows for easy replacement of Juwel Filter Media. Sponges, foams, poly pads and cirax can be easily arranged away from your aquarium, ..
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