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Red Sea Potassium+ - Trace Colors B 500ml

Red Sea Potassium+ - Trace Colors B 500ml
Red Sea Potassium+ - Trace Colors B 500ml
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Potassium Complex That Promote The Red Colours In Corals.

Reef Colours B Supplement is part of the complete range of complementary major and minor & trace elements complexes which together provide the needs of Corals. Reef Colours B supplement contains Potassium and other cations that are associated with many biological processes, one of them being the production of red pigments in the soft Coral tissue.

To ensure Coral health, the ppm level of these elements must be maintained within a narrow band and therefore should only be dosed accordingly to a measured requirement of the aquarium. For optimal results, dose accordingly to a measured uptake of Potassium using RedSea's Potassium Pro Test Kit. An easier alternative is to dose in proportion to the dosing of RedSea's Foundation A Calcium / Strontium) supplement. For best results in displaying Coral colours use RedSea's NO3:PO4-X.

Potassium's Role In Coral's:

Potassium has an essential role in the transportation
of coral nutrients within the soft tissue including the nutrients provided by the Zooxanthellae. Potassium and boron have a significant effect on the alkalinity inside the coral soft tissue and play a role in the formation of aragonite in the coral skeleton. Potassium is related to the red chromoproteins. All 31 elements are required by all stony corals irrespective of the actual color the coral displays.

RedSea's Reaserch:

Red Sea’s research into the metabolic demand of SPS, LPS & soft corals has identified 27
minor and trace elements that in addition to the foundation elements are present in the
skeleton and soft tissue of all corals. These elements are known as important bio-catalysts
in thousands of metabolic processes in marine organisms and therefore must be readily
available in all reef aquariums. Many of them however become toxic in concentrations
above the levels found in natural sea water and therefore their correct dosage is crucial to
the long term success of any reef aquarium.
RedSea's research has identified 4 distinct groups of elements with similar biological functionsas well as a direct connection to specific coral pigments that enabled the division of the27 elements into the 4 supplements Reef Colors A, B, C & D. Reef Colors supplementshave been formulated such that the ratio of the elements in each supplement are the same as are found in the combined coral skeleton and soft tissue.
All of the Reef Colors should be supplemented regularly to all LPS and SPS aquariums
without connection to the colors of the specific corals or whether the water parameters
(levels of foundation elements and algae nutrients) are set for enhanced coloration or
accelerated growth.

Our research has shown that the pigments can only be produced by the soft tissue of the
coral if the specific elements required for the bio-chemical process are available in the
correct concentration. Each of the natural pink, red, green/yellow & blue/purple pigments
are connected with specific elements that correlate with the elemental grouping of the
Reef Colors A, B, C & D.

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