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Butterflyfishes Bannerfishes

Butterflyfishes Bannerfishes
Butterflyfishes Bannerfishes
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Butterflyfishes, Bannerfishes and Their Relatives - A Comprehensive Guide to Chaetodontidae and Microcanthidae.
Butterflyfishes, with the bold colours on their disk-like bodies, are amongst the most conspicuous fishes that swim openly on coral reefs. They are admired by snokelers and divers, and are also amongst the most popular and sought after fishes for the marine aquarium.
Comprehensively illustrated with hundreds of spectacular underwater photogrpahs most of which are published here for the first time.
- Introduction to genera and subgenera, information on behaviour, habitats, hybridisation and basic details of aquarium requiremetns for the various groups.
- Picture index pages for visual quick-find of genera, subgenera and species.
- Full index of common and scientific names of families, genera and species.

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