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Brio 35 White

Brio 35 White
Brio 35 White
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  • Brand: Brio
  • Model: 43368
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Aquarium Name: Brio 35

Volume Approx: 36 Litres

Tank Size L X W X H: 49 X 38 X 75 cm

Cabinet Size: 55.5 X 40 X 55 cm

Lighting: LED Bulbs 2x 500lm day light spectrum LED bulbs + 2x grow spectrum LED bulbs

Filter: Biological filtration planting media & filters

Colours: Comes in Black / White

Introducing Brio 35, the first member of a new family of home aquariums that brings the science of aquaponics to your living environments in a truly elegant design.

It's the first tank that doesn't require any water changes reducing the maintenance time almost to zero compared to a normal tank.

The Brio boasts an impressive list of features that makes for a unique experience of both having fresh water fish and growing herbs and plants. The plants grow x4 times faster and their taste is remarkably strong and fresh!
It has a lighting system providing highly specific colour spectrums creating photosynthetic reactions, perfect for growing plants, herbs and flowers at surprising speeds.

The Brio 35 comes with a dual light timer control with adjustable light fixtures, top grid, led bulbs and filtration.

Please note that the cabinet is sold separately.

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