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Bring Nemo Home!

OK, so you have just seen Nemo 3D and you want to bring Nemo home? Well we can help you make this a reality and even if you have had problems keeping goldfish alive, We will make sure that nemo will thrive in your home.

Firstly you must decide which fish you want to keep in the aquarium. If it is just Nemo and a few other small fish, you can get running with a small starter pack (Aquanano 40) which will be OK for 4 - 5 fish. If you want to keep more of the character then you will need to look at the Aquastart 900 starter pack.

Secondly you must understand what is needed to care and look after the marine animals. We have a guide,SETTING UP YOUR MARINE AQUARIUM, that explains what is needed to keep and maintain a marine aquarium. If you need any help along the way we are available during work hours to assist with your aquarium over the phone or in store.

OK, so let's look at the Nemo characters and what you can take home and what can't. Each item will have Nano starter or Large starter which will show which tank each species will be suited for.

Marlin (Nemo’s Dad), Coral (Nemo’s Mom) & Nemo (Title Character): Clownfish

marine life

(Nano & Large Starter)

A great starter aquarium fish. Fully grown size for common clownfish is 8 - 10cm. A full grown pair of clownfish will need a 70 litre aquarium. Clownfish can be kept singly or in pairs, but not in threes. Buy two small fish or one fish smaller than the other. All clownfish are born gender-neutral, so in the aquarium or when mating, the smaller fish will become the male, the larger the female.

Jacques (Tank Gang): Cleaner Shrimp

marine life

(Nano & Large Starter)

A good aquarium invertebrate, he will help keep aquarium fish healthy, and eat scraps of food the fish miss. He cleans up after the other fish as is know as part of a clean up crew.

Gurgle (Tank Gang): Royal Gramma

marine life

(Nano & Large Starter)

A good aquarium fish. Max full grown size: 3″. It likes swimming through caves. Carnivore.

Peach (Tank Gang): Red Starfish

marine life

(Large Starter)

A starfish shaped like Peach is a good aquarium invertebrate, It may eat reef invertebrates or corals depending on the type. Serpent stars ( who generally have a large central disc and small skinny legs) are easier to care for in a mature tank and are reef safe (safe with live corals).

Deb/Flo (Tank Gang): Three Stripe Damselfish

marine life

(Nano & Large Starter)

Damsels are known to be very hearty, but can also be bullies and will pick on other fish. Should only be kept with other bullies, not with peaceful fish. Should be kept singly without lots of places for them to hide.

Bubbles (Tank Gang): Yellow Tang

marine life

(Large Starter)

Needs 4+ feet of tank length to swim. Loves her green veggies, will be healthiest if you fed several times a day on Algae flakes or sheet

Dory (Marlin’s Friend): Hippo Tang/Blue Tang

marine life

(Large Starter)

Needs 4+ feet of tank length to swim. Remember how much Dory loves to swim, and how confused she’d get running into aquarium walls! Loves her green veggies, will be healthiest if you can fed several times a day.

Tad (schoolmate): Yellow Longnose Butterflyfish

(Large Starter)

Peaceful fish but moderately difficult to care for. Best looked to only try this fish once you have experience of looking after other fish.

Bloat (Tank Gang): Pufferfish, unknown

marine life

(Large Starter)

Will eat invertebrates (shrimps), requires a special diet, some have continuously growing teeth that need hard shelled food to wear them down. (Not compatible with Jacques or Peach)

Sheldon (schoolmate): Seahorse

marine life

(Large Starter)

Should be kept in a single species tank, and fed twice per day. (Not compatible with most fish as seahorses are poor swimmers.) Not recommended for beginners. Please ask if your interested in Seahorse aquariums.

Characters Not Recommended for Most Aquariums:

Pearl – Flapjack Octopus- A deep sea octopus. Not available in the aquarium trade.

Octopi in general – These creatures have a lot of personality, but don’t take kindly to imprisonment in an aquarium. They are incredible escape artists and will slip out of aquariums with conventional hoods, sometimes to their own detriment. Depending on species, they can grow up to 3 feet, and require a very large aquarium. Eats fish and invertebrates. (Not compatible with any of the fish on the list.) Not recommended.

Gill (Leader of the Tank Gang): Moorish Idol

marine life

Finicky Eater, very difficult to keep alive in an aquarium but can be done by advanced aquarium keepers. Not recommended. There is an alternative fish that looks like Gill and can suit a Large starter aquarium

Crush & Squirt (Turtle Family) – Loggerhead Sea Turtle – Too large for an aquarium.

Mr. Ray (School Teacher) – Spotted Eagle Ray – Has a venomous tail spine, and requires a very large aquarium. Not recommended for beginners.

Bruce (Fishaholic) – Great White Shark – Obviously too large for an aquarium.

Anchor (Fishaholic) – Hammerhead Shark – Obviously too large for an aquarium.

Chum (Fishaholic) – Mako Shark – Obviously too large for an aquarium.

Sharks in General – There are some sharks that can be kept in captivity, but most require exceedingly large aquariums as they grow up (starting at 600 litres, and going up to custom tanks that dwarf the family swimming pool,) and must only be considered after doing a lot of research on the particular breed of shark you wish to raise. Also note: most tank mates are “food, not friends.” Not recommended for beginners.

Nigel – Pelican – Birds don’t live in aquariums.

Dentist – Humans don’t live in aquariums.

Darla – Humans don’t live in aquariums.

Anglerfish – Predatory, deep sea fish, available but normaly kept ina species only tank.

Krill – Yummy snack for your carnivorous fish, more often sold frozen as food than live.

Whale – Yeah right, you want a whale in your aquarium?

Anemones – Requires a mature aquarium, with pristine water conditions, and experienced care. Your clownfish is just as likely to “host” an easier to keep coral (LPS, Long Polyped Stony, corals are a good choice) as an anemone, and it easier to keep. Clownfish do not require an anemone or coral host to survive.

If you want to meet the live cast of Nemo - Call in to Seahorse Aquariums and take a look. We have sharks, Rays and lots of fish that are all part of the Nemo gang.

Also, check out our Nemo 3D contest!


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