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Red Sea Nitrate Pro Test Kit

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RedSea's Nitrate pro test kit is an advanced colorimetric test with comparator, measuring the level of Nitrate (N-NO3) in your reef aquarium to an exceptionally high resolution of 0.06ppm N-NO3.

This test kit is used in conjunction with the Phosphate Pro kit, enables accurate dosing of RedSea's NO3:PO4-X (biological Nitrate & Phosphate reducer) which is part of the RedSea Reef Care Program.

The Nitrate Cycle: Ammonia, produced by fish as a waste product is oxidized by aerobic bacteria in the biological filter: first to Nitrite (NO2-) and further to Nitrate (NO3-). In nature a complete nitrogen cycle exists, where plants utilize Nitrate as a food source, thus maintaining the very low Nitrate level found in unpolluted water. In the aquarium we create a one way system rather than a nutrient cycle.

The plant growth is mostly insufficient to use up all the Nitrate introduced by the fish food. In most aquariums, especially in marine aquariums, Nitrate will slowly accumulate, so that unnaturally high concentrations are reached.
In the reef aquarium, corals and other invertebrates react distress-fully to high Nitrate levels and will eventually die.

Nitrate will also act as a nutrient for plants that we do not desire. High Nitrate levels cause the development of blue-green algae (Cyanobacteria) and hair algae. Fish may eventually become stressed and weakened by the NO3-pollution, which makes them more susceptible to parasitic infection, such as white spot.

This Test Kit Comes Complete With:
A durable plastic housing,
A durable plastic stand for test vial,
Glass Test Vial's,
A 10ml syringe,
High resolution colorimetric comparator test (colour chart),
High resolution measurement of Nitrate testing liquids,
Contains up to 100 tests for Nitrate testing,
Full in-depth instruction manual.

Recommendations: The Nitrate concentration should be tested every week. This is especially important in the marine aquarium. In a reef aquarium the Nitrate concentration should be kept below 20 ppm, but one should always strive for a zero reading, as all coral reef dwellers are adapted to these low levels, which have been stable over millions of years. Although freshwater and marine fish can tolerate levels over 100 ppm, concentrations like this form a stress factor for the fish and will undoubtedly stimulate the growth of algae.

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