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JBL Carbomec Activ

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"High performance active carbon for the freshwater aquarium
• Adapted for use in the freshwater aquarium using a special process up tp pH 7,5.
• pH-neutral and neutral conductivity.
• No phosphates encouraging algae released into the water.
• Filters out discolourations and residues of medications fast.
• Packed in fleece bag, ready to use.
Product description
JBL Carbomec activ is a highly activated filter carbon used to remove any residual medication, discolouration of the water and high molecular organic pollutants from freshwater aquariums.

JBL Tip: JBL Carbomec activ should only be used for a short length of time (max. 2 weeks) to remove residual medication or discolouration in freshwater aquariums. In freshwater aquariums, activated carbon should not be permanently used as a filter substance as beneficial substances such as protective colloids or nutrients found in modern aquarium fertilizers (JBL Ferropol) will also be absorbed.
Before using, rinse the carbon several times in warm water, then in cold water. Do not open the fleece bag. Sandwich the fleece bag of carbon between two layers of JBL Symec in the filter to prevent unnecessary soiling.

JBL Carbomec activ does not release phosphate into the water and does not increase the conductivity. JBL Carbomec activ is adjusted to pH 7 and therefore ideally suited for use in the pH range from 6.5 to 7.5
Problem solutions
Measures to eliminate pesticides and herbicides from tap water:
1. By installing the JBL Reverse Osmosis unit, 95% of all herbicides and pesticides are removed.
2. If the tap water is also passed through JBL Filter Carbon before it is used, pesticides and herbicides are almost completely eliminated.
Measures to eliminate pesticides and herbicides from aquarium water:
1. Depending on the pH-levels, JBL Active Carbon is used:
A.) For pH-levels up to 7,5 JBL Carbomec active is used.
B.) For pH-levels over 7,5 JBL Carbomec ultra is used.

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