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Red Stripe Angel

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    Aquarist Experience Level: Intermediate
    Aquarium Hardiness: Moderately hardy
    Reef safe: With Caution
    Minimum Tank Size: 55 gal (208 L)
    Size of fish - inches: 4.3 inches (10.92 cm)
    Temperament: Semi-aggressive
    Temperature: 72.0 to 82.0° F (22.2 to 27.8° C)
    Range ph: 8.0-8.4
    Diet Type: Omnivore

    The Eibli's Angelfish (or Red Stripe Angel) makes a very pretty aquarium fish. It has a unique appearance with its light gray to greenish brown body accented with scribbled orange stripes and adorned with a black tail. It is one of the larger of the dwarf angels typically growing to a length of 4 1/3 inches (11 cm), but a less demanding species with a good attitude.

    It is fairly active but tends to retire around the rocks or corals. It will however venture near the surface for foods when it is well acclimated.

    In the wild this species will crossbreed with the Lemonpeel Angelfish Centropyge flavissima and the Pearlscale Angelfish Centropyge vrolik

    This is moderately hardy dwarf angelfish that an intermediate or advanced aquarist will have few problems with. It's not as demanding as other angelfish and makes a great member of your clean up crew, eating several algae species as well as detritus. It can be kept in a fish only aquarium and possibly in a reef, but as with most of the pygmy angelfish it may harm stony coral polyps.

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