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biOrb HALO 30 MCR white

biOrb HALO 30 MCR white
biOrb HALO 30 MCR white
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  • Brand: BiOrb
  • Model: BiorbHalo30White
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The biOrb HALO design object captivates with its hidden water line. This version is available in different sizes and colours. Depending on the design, the lighting can be controlled in time cycles. You can choose between different colours for the lighting. In addition to the acrylic aquarium, the complete set includes an LED light unit, the aquarium pump, a transformer, an air stone, the ceramic media and a filter cartridge. This design object can also be used as an aquarium.

Easy Cleaning

Guaranteed easy clenaing and maintenance

Inspired by nature

Designer Samuel Baker creates decor modelled on nature

Fish Keeping

Also as an aquarium – the biOrb comes with everything you need to create a healthy home for fish.

MCR Light

16 different-coloured looks that can be remote-controlled, and four time-cycle options

Technical Data:

Diameter (cm): 40
Height (cm): 46
Weight (kg): 4,17
Volume (l): 30
Color: White
Light: MCR
Item Number: 48473

Scope of Delivery:

Ball-shaped design
Ball-shaped design Aquarium Ball-shaped Aquarium in modern design and various colours.

MCR light unit
16 different colours. Four different time cycles can be set for light change.

Standard LED lighting*
Energy-efficient, standard LED lighting, classic switch-on/switch-off and robust.

Air pump
The pump for water circulation runs with low voltage and is compatible with the biOrb transformer. Suitable for all biOrb aquariums.

Thanks to the large filter surface it is ideally suited for the biological filter process.

Filter cartridge
So that cleaning is an easy matter, simple mechanism for changing. The filter cartridge contains chemical filter media, as well as a foam element for mechanical filtration.

12 V transformer
Safe power supply through low 12 volt, two connections available for the light unit and the air pump.

Air stone
Regulates the flow of air bubbles.

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