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Tetrafin Tropical Flakes 52g

Tetrafin Tropical Flakes 52g
Tetrafin Tropical Flakes 52g
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The world´s best selling tropical fish food is available from Swell UK at discount prices.

TetraMin contains all of the nutrients needed for health, colour and vitality. In addition, its high digestibility and balanced formula means that less ammonia and solid waste is produced, helping to maintain excellent aquarium conditions.

TetraMin now contains patented Active Formula, for reducing stress and improving resistance to disease.

How it Works Active Formula reduces stress and improves resistance by delivering a carefully selected balance of vitamins, fatty acids, and immunostimulants.

How to Use

Feed TetraMin flakes to your fish 2-3 times a day
?Feed only as much as your fish will consume within a few minutes.

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