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Siphons & Gravel Cleaners

The siphon and gravel cleaners make it much easier to keep the maintenance of your aquarium easy. They come in sizes small to Xlarge .Use JBL clip safe to prevent wet floors and flooding.

Model: 6141800
Ground cleaner (sediment bell) for nano aquariums (15 - 35 cm in height) • Small but handy sediment bell for dirt suction cleaning in small aquariums. • A removable suction net protects shrimps and small fish from being accidentally sucked in. • he square profile also enables the cleaning of aquariu..
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Brand: AquaOne Model: AquaoneEasySiphon
Aqua One Easy Siphon makes aquarium maintenance easy by removing water and waste from the aquarium. Features & Benefits: Draining your aquarium made Easy. Flexible hosing means no kinks. Strainer ensures no fish will be harmed. Handy suction cup prevents the hose from falling out of the aq..
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Model: 11063
Designed for easy cleaning of the aquarium gravel it'll ensures the gravel cleaner is easy to use every time...
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Model: EH5014
Seahorse Aquariums presents EHEIM Quick Vacpro - automatic gravel cleaner. The EHEIM Quick Vacpro - automatic gravel cleaner is battery powered gravel cleaner which enables you to clean the gravel substrate in your aquarium with ease and separately of your regular of water changes. The suction power..
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Brand: Fluval Model: 11067
Fluval AquaVac+ Single Use Filter Pad Fluval Aquavac+ Replacement Fine Filter Pad (5 pack) traps even the finest dirt and gravel sludge leaving water conditions crystal clear. Suitable for Aquavac+ Water Changer & Gravel Cleaner.  Single use filter pads offer a deeper clean reducing water change fre..
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Brand: Fluval Model: MF439
The Fluval Edge Gravel Cleaner is an effective tool for removing debris and waste matter from your aquarium substrate. It features a contoured design for angled reach, an easy-start valve which eliminates the need for mouth-priming, and an exclusive gravel guard to prevent tube blockages. Also incl..
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Model: IP1709
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