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Silk Plant Amazon Broad L 40cm

Silk Plant Amazon Broad L 40cm
Silk Plant Amazon Broad L 40cm
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Aquarium Silk Plant Amazon Broad Leaf 40cm

Never has it been so easy to design an aquarium with compelling arrangements of life-like forms. Combine different colours, shapes and heights of plants for an incredibly natural aquascape.

Save yourself the worry of maintaining real plants that fish ae bound to uproot or eat. Artificial plants require very little maintenance.

Artificial plants aer available in a wide selection with lush glossy leaves that will sway in the curret, with weighted resin-rock bases to amintain its position without looking fake.

Artificial plants provide a more comfortable and beautiful habitat for your fish and will turn your aquarium into a work of art!

Directions: Wash plants gently in warm clean water. DO NOT use detergent or cleaners of any type.

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