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Salvinia auriculata

Salvinia auriculata
Salvinia auriculata
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Salvinia auriculata common name Salvinia is a water fern from the family Salviniaceae; it is a cosmopolitan species and can grow to a height of 1 cm - 3 cm and a width of 5 cm - 10 cm. S. auriculata is a fast growing floating plant. When sufficient nutrition and light is provided it will grow rapidly. If the leaves are light or faded in colour, it is a sign of a micronutrient deficiency. S. auriculata has a tendency to cast a shade over other plants within the aquarium so trimming is recommended. Salvinia varieties have small hairs on their leaves, making them water resistant. S. auriculata discourages algae growth as it shades part of the aquarium and utilizes the nutrients within the water. It is recommended as a decorative plant for open aquariums.

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