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Royal Dottyback

Royal Dottyback
Royal Dottyback

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Care Level
Color / Form
Purple, Yellow
Geographic Region
Caribbean, Florida
Max Size
7 cm
Reef Compatible
Tank Size
050 Lt.
Water Conditions
Fish:PH:8.1-8.4, Sg:1.020-1.02
General Information
Common Name Fairy Basslet
Family Grammidae
Latin Name Gramma loreto

The Royal Dotty back, also known as the bicolour dotty back, is two striking colors divided in the middle the front of the fish is a vivid purple and the rear is bright yellow.

This fish should be housed individually in the home aquarium.

A 100 litre or larger aquarium should be provided. The Royal Dotty back will not be intimidated by other fish and will defend its territory against fish two to three times its size, but gets along with many other common marine fish.

It will eat ornamental shrimp and is a predator of bristle worms.

The diet should consist of meaty foods including brine shrimp and prepared frozen foods.

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