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Reef Foundation Complete 1Kg

Reef Foundation Complete 1Kg
Reef Foundation Complete 1Kg
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Powder Supplement containing a balanced powder mix of Reef Foundation A (Calcium/Strontium), Reef Foundation B (Buffer), Reef Foundation C (Magnesium). Robust coral skeletons are essential for all reefs and are only achievable by ensuring the basic elements Calcium, Magnesium, Strontium and Carbonate are readily available and in the correct ratio to each other. Can also be used as part of the Stage 1 - Reef Foundation in the Red Sea Reef Care Program. The Reef Foundation Stage provides a complete solution for testing and supplementing these foundation elements and allows the reef-keeper to take control of their aquarium. This products is part of the new Red Sea unique Reef Care Program (RCP), look out for other products from this range by choosing Red Sea. The Red Sea reef care program is the result of over 5 years research from Red Sea scientists resulting in unparalleled understanding of the requirements of coral aquariums. The Red Sea Reef Care Program provides a holistic solution to maintaining a flourishing coral reef aquarium. It even allows beginners to achieve stunning sps aquariums safely. Keep reading for more information about the Red Sea Reef Foundation Complete

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