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Red Eye Tetra

Red Eye Tetra
Red Eye Tetra
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Care Level
Color / Form
Max Size
Tank Size
200 Lt.
Temperament: Semi-Aggressive
Water Conditions
PH:7.0-8.0, KH 9-20, 22°C-25°C
General Information
Latin Name Aulonocara nyassae

The Red Eye Tetra adds a sophisticated touch to the larger freshwater community aquarium. The distinguished colour pattern of black and silver is accented with an eye-catching red marking above its eyes.

The elegant Red Eye Tetra creates an impressive display when kept in a school of six or more individuals. A school of these metallic silver fish is sure to add dynamic energy and en masse, the signature red eye adds an unexpected touch of colour.

The Red Eye Tetra has a natural tolerance to a wide range of water parameters. This characteristic makes the Red Eye Tetra well suited for a variety of aquarium setups including the community aquarium.

Unlike sensitive tetra species that need to be kept in soft water conditions, the hardy Red Eye Tetra is an excellent choice for new aquarists.

Furthermore, the Red Eye Tetra is very peaceful and is compatible with other non-aggressive fish. The ideal aquarium setup for the Red Eye Tetra will include live plants, rocks and driftwood to recreate natural habitat and provide hiding spaces.

The Red Eye Tetra is a relatively larger tetra and should ideally be housed in a 60 litre or larger aquarium.

The male Red Eye Tetra will tend to be smaller and thinner than the female. Similar to many Tetra species, the natural diet of the Red Eye Tetra consists primarily of small insects and planktonic animals.

However, in the home aquarium, the Red Eye Tetra will readily accept frozen or freeze-dried brine shrimp, daphnia, bloodworms, and tubifex, as well as micro pellet food and high quality flake foods.

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